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BSC and the Third Sector

The ‘Third Sector’ is the term used to describe the range of organisations that are neither public sector nor private sector. It includes voluntary and community organisations (both registered charities and other organisations such as associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutual’s and co-operatives.

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Why do we want to develop relationships with the Third Sector?

 We're ambitious about tackling inequality and improving the health and wellbeing of people in Birmingham. To achieve this we need to focus on things like prevention, education and providing care closer to home. Organisations and groups in the Third Sector can partner with us to help us achieve our ambitions because:

  • They often understand the needs of service users and communities in more detail than the public sector
  • They have strong relationships with the communities that the public sector wants to reach
  • They are often agile and responsive to changes and needs
  • They can be innovative and provide services which add value

A new relationship

In the past statutory bodies have often commissioned services from the Third Sector but failed to develop strong enough relationships with them. This meant they missed opportunities to share information and intelligence as well as opportunities to promote services and engage with the service users of the services they commissioned. We want to do things differently! We’re interested in meaningful partnerships:

  • Direct commissioning partnerships: we’re open to commissioning new services in the third sector. View a list of the services we currently contract manage .
  • Information and intelligence sharing partnerships: it’s important we share what we know with one another. We want to help promote existing services to make sure they are utilised.
  • Engagement partnerships: we want to unite commissioning and engagement. The Third Sector represents a diverse range of service users and stakeholders. We want to access these networks and invite people to co-design services and make decisions with us

How to connect with us

If you’re a member of a group a third sector employee, we want to connect with you. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us a bit more. You can also take part in our Big Social Conversation.

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