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Mental Capacity Act

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The Mental Capacity Act is a vitally important piece of legislation that protects the rights of people to make their own decisions, it also ensures that before it can be said that someone lacks capacity that everything is done to support them to make a decision for themselves.

When a person lacks capacity, which means that there is condition that is affecting their ability to make an informed choice, the Mental Capacity Act guides people on how to act in their best interests. Understanding best interests is an essential part of Mental Capacity Act best practice, as what’s best for someone and what is in their best interests might not be the same thing.  Best interests is a person-centred process that should be built upon a foundation of what the person wants, what they value and the things they would consider if they were making a choice for themselves.

The Mental Capacity Act Project Team is a partnership between the three Clinical Commissioning Groups covering Sandwell and Birmingham, Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG, Birmingham Cross City CCG and Birmingham South Central CCG.

We are here to listen to people’s experiences of decision making and the Mental Capacity Act. The aim of the Project is raise awareness with the public, helping them to know how the law may affect them. We also support professionals from inside and outside the NHS to find solutions which work in their organisations.  We want to share the resources which we have developed in partnership – here on our Web Resource.


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