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Abbreviation Term and Description
AHSN Academic Health Science Network
AHSNs have the potential to transform health and healthcare by putting innovation at the heart of the NHS. This will improve patient outcomes as well as contributing to economic growth.
A&E Accident and Emergency
The hospital department dealing with people who need treatment resulting from sudden illness or injury.
The level of work carried out in a given period - e.g. the number of patients seen
Acute Care
Hospital-based health services
ALD Adults with Learning Disability
A learning disability affects the way a person understands information and how they communicate.
ADV Advocate
An advocate is a person who supports or speaks in favour of another person.
AHP Allied Health Professionals
Professional services which are allied to Medicine, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Podiatry, and Occupational Therapy.
APMS Alternative Provider Medical Services
Primary care services provided by outside contractors
Ambulance Trust
A legal entity responsible for providing ambulance services within a defined geographic area
AQP Any Qualified Provider
A means of commissioning certain NHS services in England. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will determine the services to be commissioned as AQP; the intention is to increase patient choice.
AWP Any willing provider
Model for providing healthcare by selecting who provides care from a list of those willing to offer it and who meet certain standards.
ASW Approved Social Worker
Social worker recognised through qualification and experience.
AT Area Team
Area teams have taken on direct commissioning responsibilities for GP services, dental services, pharmacy, and certain aspects of optical services
APH Association for Public Health
National organisation concerned with the Health of the population.
AQH Association for Quality in Healthcare
National organisation ensuring our healthcare is of the highest standard.
ADSS Association of Directors of Social Services
National body and forum for those responsible for providing social (non clinical) care.
AC Audit Commission
National organisation responsible for ensuring Public Services is provided in the most cost effective way.
Best Value
Sets a duty to deliver services of a clear standard, covering cost and quality, by the most effective, economic and efficient means available. Newly introduced for the health service under the NHS Plan
BCBV Better Care Better Value indicators
National benchmarks of good practice
A draft of intended legislation that becomes an Act once both Houses of Parliament approve it.

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