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Board Meetings

BSC CCG is an open organisation and aims to be as transparent as possible. The Governing Body (or Board) of BSC will have nine board meetings this year (three meetings will be Governing Body development sessions). These meetings allow BSCs Governing Body to consider the work that is the organisation is doing and decide whether it’s being done properly. At the beginning of each board meeting there will be a private session; this allows the Governing Body to discuss confidential issues. Following this private session, the board meeting will be open to the public.

To make sure our meetings are open and transparent we promise to do the following:

  • Accessible meetings: We will hold our public meetings in convenient, accessible venues and promote these on our website. In accordance with our Constitution, we will hold nine public board meetings this year.
  • Accessible information: We will publish useful information such as board papers and contacts on our website. We will ensure that our papers are easy to understand so that the public can engage with our work. Each paper will have an overview summary or introduction to the topic that external audiences could easily understand.
  • Keep business focussed: During meetings, the Chairman and the board will discuss issues in a way that aims to engage members of the public or stakeholders. This will include introductions to the topic by the Chair and a summation of what has been agreed.

Taking part

Our Board meetings will be held in the public. It is important to recognise that this is a Board meeting in public not a public meeting for the Board. We would ask members of the public who wish to attend to read the information below to ensure that board meetings are productive for all involved.

Asking a question

If members of the public wish to ask the Governing Body a question, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Questions should be submitted by completing this online question form. Members of the public can request a paper copy of this form by calling Lynne Kemp, Executive PA, on 0121 255 0541 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. Public questions must be received three days before the meeting to ensure they can be included on the day
  3. The Chairman of the Governing Body will read the question. If the question requires further explanation he may ask the owner of the question to explain

Board meetings are limited by time. There may be insufficient time to answer all questions; however all questions will receive a response. The online question form gives the option for a question to be answered via email or in writing, or to roll over to the next board meeting. Members of the public can choose a preference when they complete the question form. 


If people wishing to attend our Board meetings have specific needs, such as wheelchair access or hearing aid induction loop, please contact Lynne Kemp, Executive PA, on 0121 255 0541 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rules of the public board meeting

  • The board meeting agenda is usually full, so keeping to time is important. Some agenda items may not be discussed if everybody agrees with the recommendation or if the item is just for noting. Members of the public should be aware of this before they attend to avoid disappointment
  • The Chairman will ensure board meetings take place without disruption. The Chairman has the right to exclude members of the public if they cause disruptions
  • Observers may only speak if invited to by the Chairman
  • Members of the media routinely attend our Board meetings. Comments made in the public board meeting may be conveyed publicly by the media. BSC cannot control how comments are used externally unless they breach confidentiality or legal boundaries
  • The Chairman will not permit debate or questions regarding individual cases or complaints including issues that are sensitive and confidential

If you have any concerns about the conduct of our Board or its meetings, please contact Lynne Kemp on 0121 255 0541 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Primary Care Commissioning Committee – your invitation to be involved

This Committee was set up in accordance with statutory provision to ensure that collective discussion and decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Birmingham South Central CCG, under delegated authority from NHS England are carried out.  

Each of the monthly meetings has two sessions, a private one where commercially or otherwise sensitive discussions take place, and a public one where input from our patients and stakeholders is welcomed.  In this way the CCG can make sure that its commissioned services are developed in ways that effectively match the needs of our population.

The meeting dates are given below (all Thursdays).  Each meeting currently takes place in one of our meeting rooms on the 2nd Floor, Bartholomew House, 142 Hagley Road, Edgbaston B16 9PA.  We would like to invite you to come and join the committee to make sure that your voice is heard along with our other stakeholders who are represented:  NHS England, Healthwatch, Birmingham City Council and the Local Medical Council (representing our doctors).

If you would like to be involved please let our meeting administrator, Pat Cook, know.  You can email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to her at the address above.

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