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Our Plans

We have ambitious plans to make Birmingham a healthier and happier place.

Our Operational Plan sets out how BSC intends to deliver improvements in the health and health services of the Birmingham South Central population and how we will ensure that local services are transformed through partnership working with patients, the public, Local Authority and provider organisations.

We have also developed our 'plan on a page' which is a high level guide to our ambitions and plans as an organisation.

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 Download our plan on a page


We will work continuously to engage and consult with local communities and partners to make sure we are moving in the right direction. The key messages from public engagement to date have led to the development of the BSC patient PPLEA:

  • Prevention: a proactive rather than reactive approach
  • Partnership Working: with each other (GP Practices, networks and other CCGs); the Third Sector; Providers; wider stakeholders (local authority, schools, community groups)
  • Localism: a ‘grass roots’ approach to commissioning with local priorities taking precedence
  • Education: in supporting prevention, education is key to improving the health of the community
  • Access and Quality of Primary Care: transparent quality frameworks across BSC to ensure consistency in access to and the quality of services being delivered. This will inevitably lead to the expansion of primary care with associated resource.

Working with the the Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board (BHWBB)

Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board (BHWBB) is a forum for local commissioners, elected representatives, and Healthwatch to better the city's health and wellbeing. Through this partnership we are able to make sure that our approach to commissioning is strategic and supports the vision of a healthier and happier Birmingham.

The Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board has developed its Strategy that will deliver better health and wellbeing for residents, focussing on the most vulnerable. The strategy was developed with the involvement of a wide range of partners acknowledging the influence on health and wellbeing that extends well beyond those services provided by Birmingham City Council and the NHS. 

The process for developing the strategy has included a detailed examination of what is known about health and social care need in Birmingham. Since 2008, Birmingham has developed a comprehensive Joints Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) that has explored a range of factors which affect health and wellbeing. This JSNA process has produced over forty reports that include issues as varied as cancer, mental health and substance misuse. The JSNA also sets out pictures of each of the wards in the City. 

Guiding the focus of the Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy are a set of common themes:

  • The strategy needs to target the most vulnerable individuals and communities
  • Prevention needs to be prioritised as does early intervention
  • Identifying and treating diseases as early as possible Early is important 
  • Independence and personal responsibility needs to be encouraged in all communities 
  • People need to be able to choose health lifestyles and in environments that support these choices
  • Services need to be joining up resources to deliver results.

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